Lets Start

So today I started with getting on with my goals, I went through my spare room and cleaned it up, although being honest, its not used for much so I dusted. Then I started in my son’s room *big sigh*

Emptied out his toy chest, took out the toys I thought he was too old for and the toys that were broken. Put some on some free sites, some in the loft cause you know,it might happen.

Sorted out all his clothes, he needs to stop growing so 2 black bags for the loft, black bag full of rubbish later and I have finished.

This would of probably taken maximum of an hour but my son was “helping”

toddler cleaning1

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4 Responses to Lets Start

  1. Well done and good luck with the goals .

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  2. susieshy45 says:

    What are your other goals ?

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