Makes you think


Facebook thoughtfully told me that I posted the above photo a year ago, I had made a cheeky comment about the size of the tablet vs the tablet package, I sounded fairly upbeat.

But you see this photo also reminds me that a year ago today, I had just started on anti depressants and I had high hopes that I would be back in work fairly soon, but now its a year later and I am still in the same place. Lots has changed in the last year but lots has stayed the same

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8 Responses to Makes you think

  1. I’m sorry the meds aren’t helping enough. Sometimes you have to try everything before you find the right thing.

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  2. I hope the coming year treats you well and you have some improvement x

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  3. Been on mine since 2006. I still have crushing lows but bouts less frequent and depths not so deep. It takes more than meds though. Being of service to others , my arts and crafts stuff and reading a great deal has helped keep me “out of myself” which is a breeding ground for misery. Best wishes for your New Year.

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    • I am not on anything at the moment, we were finding that they would work very quickly, and then I would build up an immunity to them and they would up the dose to the max and then we would have to start on a new drug


      • That’s difficult. Have no experience or advice on meds on this. But exercise and engaging activities help. Sometime I can’t to either and if I push myself at just little things it validates my efforts and fortifies. Key is try to avoid being immobilized.

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      • We got a dog to make sure I would have to go out, if I don’t he goes nuts, I do have days when I really cannot do it, and in those times my partner steps up, but the dog (max) has been a very useful tool in helping me get out, along with my toddler as well 🙂

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