Bloody insurance companies

Here in the UK, the North has been flooded, and as I speak they are expecting more flooding with Storm Mike threatening to hit, not only that but some places are due to get snow on top of all this.

Homes have been destroyed, and everything lost.

My issue, is that a large amount of people have not got content insurance due to the insurance companies. And for those that have done, I have heard stories  that the insurance companies refuse to pay out as flooding can be considered acts of God. Pffft

The areas that are being hit are some of the most deprived in the UK, and people cannot afford insurance, with the huge premiums that they are faced with. They can’t afford to move and in some cases, with people owning their properties, its not worth selling their houses, because people are unable to get mortgages because its a flood hit area.

While the blood sucking companies are getting off scott free, what should be happening is the Prime Minister should be holding them accountable, while also explaining why the same places keep being hit and things are not being done to stop it.

Or maybe instead of sending a missile to Syria, he could instead donate the 1 million pounds to the people affected

I hope all those people effected are safe and have this sorted.


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4 Responses to Bloody insurance companies

  1. Lennon Carlyle says:

    Tragic! Agree 100% with you although I’m across the pond in the US. The government/insurance companies need to get their priorities straight. In other words get their fucking shit together and take care of their own…..worthless blood suckers.

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