Boo Hiss

I think I have finally figured out why I have been so anxious, I mean it could of been a number of things, but I think I have put my finger on it.

I was chatting to my landlady, who happened to ask if we were on the list for social housing.

Say this to a normal person, then they might not think anything of it. Say it to me and I am automatically thinking shit she is going to evict us to sell the house. Can we afford a different house (we got a really good deal) I have just enrolled our son in the local school am I going to have to change that, I hate moving, I should start packing, how are we going to manage, maybe I should put our names down for social housing, well we are not in need need.

I dont know what is going to happen, I hate the fact we rent and have to move every few years, but the only way we are ever going to own our own home is if we win the lottery.

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7 Responses to Boo Hiss

  1. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    I can imagine the feeling. We are probably going to be evicted in the new year. No idea when. Found out secretely, since neighbours knew… They can get higher rent from someone else. We also have an amazing deal and have trouble paying that. Others help us with that. They also want someone without a ‘mental retard and physically disabled’ stigma. We’ve just been living here for a couple months. We had to wait so long, without having a house. Couldn’t go to school because of it. Luckily my parents took us in. Oh, well. I’m trying not to think about it, so I can enjoy every moment here. And when I do, I try to think as long as we’re together we can make it. Already done that multiple times. Hope you can stay and can keep your mind calm!

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  2. I hope your fears are unfounded x

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