Mental Health

I haven’t recently gone into my mental health recently and its not because its not important to me, but more the fact I have no clue what is going on in my own head, and this is the part of depression/bi polar I hate.

The fact I have been suffering anxiety sometimes brings on my depression.

A friend shared this

social anxiety and depression

And it is exactly this at times.

I haven’t had any extremes, which is a relief, and I am feeling something, which is so much better than feeling nothing, but sometimes I feel like I am going down and then it stops and I work through it,

Its a bit weird but then again its my head although I do wonder if this is maybe how it feels to be “normal”


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6 Responses to Mental Health

  1. I’ve had such brief experiences with “normal” but I can tell you that if you feel something then you are probably stable. Minor cycling with “normal” mood swings is probably where you are at. For me that usually means the drop unless something triggers me upwards. Not sure about you. Hope this helps. I say just sit back and enjoy it while it lasts. It’s so hard for us to reach that sweet spot however sweet it may be.

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  2. stephleo says:

    What is “normal” anyway? I think its overrated ; )

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  3. It may be greener but you can bet your life there’s dog poo all over that green grass 😉 I wish you a better day xx

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