Donald Trump Banned from the UK?

I know it will never happen but the fact that it is being banned about makes me smile. While I have a little knowledge of the Presidential Elections, I, like, many people in the UK have heard the shit that is spewing out of Donald Trump’s mouth, apparently we have no go zones according to him. I have never seen that.

I have been assured there is little chance that he is going to actually win it, but I think we should ban him now, cause if he doesn’t win, there is no way I want his racist arse in this country.

You will reap what you sow, I wonder when he decided to base his election campaign on the base fears of a large amount of people, whether he knew he would come across as a racist, misogynistic arse hole, maybe he just didn’t care.

Here in the UK we have laws of hate speech and at certain times have limited free speech.

I really hope he is banned from the UK, it would cheer me right up


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14 Responses to Donald Trump Banned from the UK?

  1. luckyotter says:

    I wish that blowhard would be banned from the US too!

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  2. eths says:

    I’m from California in the U.S. and wish Trump was banned here! I wonder if there is any place in the world where he could be transported,

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  3. I have to second luckyotter — I’d like him banned from the US, too. I don’t think he believes it’s possible that he’s doing anything wrong. He thinks everything he does and says and thinks is right. And I think that he doesn’t care at all who he offends which is really stupid if you want votes! I’d like to kick him in the balls, but I’m not convinced he has any.

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  4. ravenwing72 says:

    I used to live in the village where Trump built his poxy golf course. He is a bloviating, racist bully. Horrible man.

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  5. Cheyanne says:

    UGH! I HATE him! I wish we could ban him from the US!!!

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