*Reblog* To all the Fire Service Men/Women out there…

I really love this

a cooking pot and twisted tales

You know at times, we tend to take a lot in life for granted, going about our daily business grumbling and sometimes without care or in-depth thought as to what others pass through in the course of their jobs.1451716994149[1]

It took watching the luxurious building of The Address Hotel rage with fire on the Eve of the 2016 New Year’s day at a close range, to serve as a big eye opener for me, as to the enormous pressure and brave exploits of Fire fighters all over the World.

They put their lives on line every time they step into such blaze and even though some of us will very well say that it’s their job after all and that they are trained for it, it takes a heck of gumption to do the stuff that these courageous humans do.

For All the TEA in China and all the…

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3 Responses to *Reblog* To all the Fire Service Men/Women out there…

  1. You are such a sweet person. Thank you for the generosity of your heart and the reblog.

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