*Reblog* Where Is My Blogging Heading To?… I need your input.

What do other people think of the way Jacqueline is taking her blog, she would love to hear your input

a cooking pot and twisted tales


‘What is my 2016 outlook for my blog?

When I started blogging in May 2015, I had no idea what tangent it would take and how engaging it could get.

All I knew was that I had this burden to write poking me in the ribs. I had started writing so many stories and books but never arriving at the end. I needed something that would hinge and balance my writing lifestyle so, I decided to poke my toes in, to feel the waters, to be motivated and to learn.

I find that I like these blogging waters. Truth be told, I love these blogging waters 🙂

Even on cold days, there are voices to keep you warm and to encourage you on the journey. I wanted to feel the pulse of my own blog first before wading in deeper and I believe that I am gaining a…

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2 Responses to *Reblog* Where Is My Blogging Heading To?… I need your input.

  1. Thanks love for the reblog . I appreciate.

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