Why I do them

So as promised, with the links, it is literally me sharing people I follow, I try and do active blogs, sometimes I get it wrong, but normally I check that the person has blogged with six months, since that seemed about right to me, especially those who blog about their mental health.


It has just recently taken off, but there have been other links such as the author link, inspirational, blogging tips, parenting, poetry, exercising, cookery, and travel

So it has been going for about 3 months, I have changed and done things differently as I go, since I honestly have no clue in what I am doing, this was just my way of giving back.

To try and include everyone (and this is where it gets interesting) when I started the lifestyle links I changed the way  I did it completely and started from the very beggining of people I followed. Checking people were still blogging and only doing 10 links a week, rather than just guess from a name, or from memory what people blogged about which was the original way.

It does take time and energy but I enjoy it, I have reconnected with bloggers that started this journey with me.

I tend to blog the links once a day and try and do different times so other time zones might be able to see it.

It is just links, I did start describing blogs, but it was a lot of work, so it is just a link to the blog

I will now notify people and I will probably go back to previous links and update them as I go.

I am hoping to do a page so there are on one page. I have to figure out how to do pages first. But once I have done that

So I hope that helps people

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6 Responses to Why I do them

  1. noimnotok says:

    I have trouble reading your blog with the current theme (Superhero) on my desktop computer. The top banner does not scroll up so all I can see is a sliver of text down the bottom. I would like to read your posts but this glitch makes them really difficult to read. It doesn’t happen on the iphone, just on desktop, I’m using Chrome.

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  3. I think this is cool, certainely a huge job but very cool!

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