A shit year

2016 is turning into a shit year. First David Bowie and now Alan Rickman, a giant in the acting world.


Screw you 2016

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19 Responses to A shit year

  1. Phil Taylor says:

    They say deaths happen in threes. I wonder who’s next

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  2. ravenwing72 says:

    I’m devastated by this. Alan Rickman is a personal hero of mine.

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  3. Amy says:

    Actually, blame cancer. All together now, Screw You Cancer! It takes people far too soon. I don’t know about you, but 69 is too young. Both men were still creating, which is an inspiration to know that one never runs out of creative juice.

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  4. Healthy Not Nuts says:

    Too many deaths lately, it makes me wonder what is going on?

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  5. New Journey says:

    Now Now, can’t blame the year….you have to put the blame where it belongs….CANCER….that was the culprit who took those 2 and Celine Dions husband and brother and probably another 1000 poor souls we don’t know….kat

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