Chatting with friends part 2

And this continues, I was having a conversation with  Rebecca over at regarding teeth, I mentioned to her that when I was younger I knocked my 2 front teeth out. This is actually a two part story

Part 1

I was a young 22 old and invited out in London to my sister’s birthday. I was in the heyday of my drinking, so the obvious happened I got drunk, very very drunk, we were in the comedy club at the time, and I needed to get some air, at the time they had stone steps leading up to street level, I fell over my own feet and being drunk landed on my face, and knocked both of my front teeth out. I was so drunk I didn’t notice, I was also concussed. I still don’t know how I got home or how I got to work the next day. But eventually I got replacements for my front teeth.

Part 2

We fast forward a good 10 years, I am more sensible and have an adorable little boy, who in a fit of bad tempter headbutted me. Knocking out my front teeth. (he stopped being adorable at this point)

And that lady and gentlemen is a reason why you should never drink or have children. 😉

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8 Responses to Chatting with friends part 2

  1. lynn k scott says:

    OUCH! Weren’t we discussing just discussing alcohol? However, the last sentence did elicit a chuckle.

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