I venture into the light

When I started this blog, I was happy to let family and friends know it was me, but wanted to keep it slightly private from the outside world, nothing personal, but as my son grows up I don’t want what I put on the internet to effect his life.

But as my blog grows and I get more confidence with this blogging lark, I thought it may be worth putting at least a name to this blog.

With that in mind, I would like to reintroduce myself. My name is Trina, I respond to many other names including oi you, crazy lady and mummy, but that last one would be weird for anyone other than my son to call me.

I am over 25 but younger than 40, and I hate the fact policemen look young now. I live in south east England with my partner, my son (matt) my dog (max) and my 2 masters or some people call them cats Sheldon and Gizmo.

Its lovely to meet you all, and I look forward to continuing to connect with all of you.

P.S I have 2 followers to go till I hit 600 whoop whoop


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18 Responses to I venture into the light

  1. everydaylifeandtruths says:

    Its lovely to meet you trina! I hate that police look so young as well!

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  2. Healthy Not Nuts says:

    Nice to meet you Trina! I am the opposite, I didn’t want my family to know I had a blog at first. I, actually, still have reservations about it because I feel like I can’t write freely but I am working on getting over that. The Police force sure does look young, but then, I was thinking that the servers at restaurants look really young as well as those at the grocery store, babies! Good luck on getting your 600 followers, I am getting close to 100, pretty exciting! Glad to “know” you in the blog world, Trina! Best, Candice-Marie…

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    • Hi Candice-Marie, I think with me, I wanted to get the word out there with trying to break the stigma of mental health, so I needed as much help as I could.

      You are right servers and sales assistants look young, but as my partner’s father said its ok till the priests start looking young

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  3. lynn k scott says:

    Love your little bio Trina. Lynn is my pen name. It’s a play on my maiden name and only a few people know my real name. I wish I could still say I was under 40. I love you have a cat named Sheldon. My dog, Smokey, channels Sheldon often. He has the same spot on the couch, and it’s “HIS” spot. He glares at people who sit in it til they move. It’s borders on hysterical when watching it. You’ll have your 600th follower in no time. Great blog! Keep up the good work.

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  4. lynn k scott says:

    That episode was hysterical…Bazinga! My daughter LOVED that episode.

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  5. Good to meet you Trina. I like associating a name with the person I relate with 🙂

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  6. everydaylifeandtruths says:

    Hahaha differently not 😂

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  8. Mon ☠ says:

    LOL hey Mummy, I am a weird kid xd. Okay hey Trina 😀 Hipe you get the two next followers soon!

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