One small step for anxiety, one giant leap for me

I am proud of myself today. OK so I do like to blow my own trumpet, but today I kicked arse.

It started off with my little family walking to the fishmonger, for those of you who have come late to the story (or missed the post) my back hurts, nothing is really being done, because of waiting times, but over the last few days I have been able to bend, so I thought it was getting better, pfft that was a mistake.

Anyway, so we walked to the fishmonger its a 3 mile round trip, so I was really proud of my 3 year old son (who then demanded to go play in the park) but I was in pain, my back hurt.

But and this is where anxiety go suck a lemon. We realised that Matt (my son) had forgotten his bunny and he couldn’t possibly go to the park with Mr Bunny.

It was decided that I go back to the house with all the fresh things, and then come back with Mr Bunny. Its rare I go anywhere by myself, I normally need either my partner or my son (who is my safety blanket)

But I did it, I walked home by myself, which was the easy part. I used my keys to distract myself and then I walked back down, I could feel my heart beating so hard I thought it was going to come out of my chest (fortunatly I live near a hospital) but using the damn bunny as a distraction I managed it.


Although you should see the looks you get as a thirty something woman walking down the street carrying a stuff toy

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17 Responses to One small step for anxiety, one giant leap for me

  1. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    who cares about them looks xD you did really well 🙂

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  2. rhymingwithwine says:

    Sending you a virtual high five! Nothing wrong with a bunny. :0)

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  3. lynn k scott says:

    Good job. My mom used to suffer anxiety and some of that was passed to me. Not sure if through genes or behavior but I still have anxiety attacks. Good for you. Every step is an accomplishment.

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  4. Wendy says:

    I think everyone needs a bunny sometime. Good for you!

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  5. Lennon Carlyle says:

    Proud of you Love!

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