Wow lovely people just wow, yesterday was my best day blogging since I started. It was my best day for likes and views, I have a post of mine, being tweeted, reblogged, shared on her and facebook, which is freaking amazing. Its this one

Its not my best by any means but and this is the important thing, Its all about the blog awards I have entered in

Feel free to vote πŸ˜‰

Or reblog.

And then after all this, I hit my 600 wordpress followers. Yep 600 of you are crazy enough to follow me. I am so very greatful, to all of you for helping me get this far.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you.

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18 Responses to Yesterday

  1. Keep going, I had my best day for follows today. 7 does not sound like much does it, but it filled me with joy. I am on a quest to blog for 365 days myself. But am pleased for you. I also am dedicating 1 hour a day to encouraging other people to blog. Like you. 😊 have a good day. – Fonz

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  2. Ps just had my best day of likes aswell 35… It’s that old guy Percy, Percy verance 😊

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  3. any1mark66 says:

    Its been a good couple days here as well. Crazy is relative. Sanity is overrated.

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  4. Atomic Words says:

    Oh wow congratulations!!! You deserve it dear

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  5. I am proud if I was #600. I had my cookie. ☺

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