A Non Day

As someone who suffers from depression, I feel I should know when I am going down, but because I had gotten so use to ignoring it or hiding it, its difficult, a lot more difficult than the maniac stages, since I enjoyed them, well to some point I still do enjoy them, its a bit like being my old self before anxiety, although having said that its difficult to tell if I haven’t always had mental health problems from when I was a child.

I don’t think I have, but I wasn’t a typical girl, having said that I don’t remember not being able to get out of bed like I have felt with, with my depression.

This was leading onto something before I went off on a little stream about my childhood. Basically, today has been spent on the sofa, not wanting to do anything, I managed to play dominos with my son a few times, but that was a lot of effort.

Having said all of this I am not sure if this is a down period, or a lazy period or something else, I am taking it as a PJ day, what with the weather not being nice, because I would rather believe I was a lazy cow that coming down with a depressive period

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21 Responses to A Non Day

  1. Maybe you just needed a restful day. I know I did. Hugs Sweetness!

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  2. lydiaA1614 says:

    I have learned to detect both depression and mania and usually, I can kick them out before they start. I rarely get manic phases unless they are sparked by a lack of sleep, med reaction or other fixable situation. I also do let myself have slightly down days once in awhile because I figure it is my body/mind telling me I need some rest. Yes, I agree, they are not very restful; however, allowing them to happen on my terms means I can control their length and intensity and I can usually determine what caused them. I hope you feel better soon. Oh, and I have a lot of PJ days whether from depression or chronic pain. When I feel like getting dressed I make sure I feel great in whatever I wear!

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  3. Today is my PJ day. Depression and loneliness has taken over me

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  4. One of the problems with ever having experienced depression…you forget that it is possible to just have a bad day…and that is all it is. Wishing you well. ☺

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  5. Hemangini says:

    bad days- – good days… Nothing like a run in with the wind and a nice cuppa of some hot chocolate marshmallow… have some rest and enjoy your day 🙂 I know its easy to beat yourself up.. dont beat yourself up. take it one day at a time… I know this cuz hey I have been where you are and I do get sad and down from time to time… I just don’t like that, you know how bad it feels! Lol I wish I lived on rainbows and ate cotton clouds for food! okay now I am being crazy :p Who cares! i am happy now 🙂

    take care and be happy dear

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