Do you know the TV show Hoarders? Its the first time I have watched it and I spent over 2 hours with my mouth wide open.

There was the guy who hoarding rats, his house was filled with rats running round uncaged.

I had some small knowledge about it, but not on how bad it can get, in one house the found the skeletons of two cats under all the stuff.

While, I feel, that these shows can exploit people, I also hope they can get them the help that they desperatly need

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30 Responses to Hoarders

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I do, and I find the show very fascinating.

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  2. stephleo says:

    When I see that this show is on, I stop by for a few minutes and – like you- sit with my mouth agape. That is until I can’t take it any more. Either I feel so bad for the people or I can’t look at the mess any more. Makes me want to go clean my house though, so I guess that’s a plus.

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  3. Ameena k.g says:

    Yeah! I remember that show. Didn’t know it was still on air. Hoarding rats?! Now that’s a first for me

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  4. lynn k scott says:

    Hoarding is actually a mental disease. I have watched the show several times. I only made it to the end a few times (couldn’t take the filth). What many don’t realize is that with hoarding, it’s necessary to clean up the mess as it’s sometimes life threatening. One episode the guy had mold growing on his mattress. Sadly, you can’t take all of a hoarders belongings, clean it and expect them not to restart “collecting”. From what I was taught (used to work in a mental facility), they need therapy and have to help in the cleaning process. Again, sometimes the situation dictates immediate action, but it’s a lifestyle change that is very slow to overcome.

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    • They did seem to be chucking alot and what I noticed is the hightened anxiety from the hoarders, when they noticed things being thrown out and it might be something that was broken but to them it suddenly became the most important thing in the world. I was happy to see they had doctor’s who specialised in hoarding and anxiety on hand

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      • lynn k scott says:

        Hoarding partly deals with control. It’s very common among the elderly when they feel they are losing control or memories, so everything becomes important. They normally know where their every day items are but the disease ignores health issues because keeping everything becomes priority. Yes, they can become very anxious through the cleaning process because someone else is in control of their possessions.

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      • It was very interesting to watch, because I don’t have an real knowledge of it, one woman was so bad she had a storage unit filled with stuff on top of her house which was also filled to the brim of things, she was a teacher so collected things like toilet roll, newspapers and such like

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      • lynn k scott says:

        Yeah, those episodes can get pretty intense. Years ago, my goal was to be a psychologist. Then life happened. Although I have working understanding of many mental illnesses, it wasn’t my calling; on a professional level.

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  5. Cheyanne says:

    I hope they can give people the help they need as well! But somehow I doubt they do. It feels like they’re just exploiting people’s mental illnesses to me.

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  6. Tasha says:

    I remember both of those episodes. All those rats had me squirming in my seat. No way I could live with one let alone a whole herd.

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  7. luckyotter says:

    I’ve seen that show. It can be funny, but the disorder is very sad and so are the people who have it. I feel like shows like this exploit people with this disorder but also, I suppose, educate people about it.

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  8. That is the important thing. Are the people getting the help they need?

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