Stolen from Facebook

A friend of mine tagged me in a post on facebook, which is fantastic so I thought I would share it here. It is written by a lady called Linda Cox who works as a benefit and disability advisor, so if she doesn’t know than no one does

So, there goes another one.
If you’re going to speculate about someone’s situation, then at least base it on some credible facts.
The Daily Mail has sure done a number on these idiots.

I volunteer at a place where we give benefits advice. I have a little more to go on than wild speculation.
You do NOT get varying amounts depending on your ability to ‘milk the system’. ALL organisation will advise you to claim everything you may be entitled to. TWENTY BILLION POUNDS WORTH OF BENEFITS GO UNCLAIMED EVERY YEAR BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY SHOULD BE GETTING OR THEY ARE TOO ASHAMED TO CLAIM FOR ANYTHING. So, the ‘pot’ is far from empty.

Forgive me if there’s anything missing from this list. Here’s how it goes….

Each person is entitled to a set amount and there are different types of working age benefits available.
If you are out of work there is one – Jobseekers £57.90 week if you’re under 25/£73.10 if you’re over 25. A couple both on JSA – £114.85

If you are unable to work through disability there are 2 – not both, but ONE OF THEM.

Employment Support Allowance – Work Related Group – disabled/not fit for work now, but will be within 2 years…or sooner. £102 week (soon to be reduced by £30) Usually paid to those with a temporary condition/ cancer etc (allegedly)
Employment Support Allowance – Support Group – Not likely to be fit for work in the near future. £109

Any of the above can be based on the N.I. stamps you have paid – it is the same amount, but you have to pay for dental treatment and prescriptions out of it. You can claim NHS exemption to prescriptions and dental with a HC1 means test application form if you’re in receipt of contribution based benefits (Based on income and savings).

For others not in the above categories but have ZERO INCOME you can get income support – although this is being phased out. It is a similar amount to Jobseekers.
All of the above are being phased out in favour of Universal Credit come April (so rumour has it – although IDS is so incompetent it will probably be postponed again.

Disability Living Allowance – High OR medium OR low care. High OR low mobility. Payable whether you work or not. Not means tested. Based on your abilities/disabilities and the care/supervision you need, day and/or night.
PIP – taking over from DLA for working age people only. Much harder to get/does not take into account fluctuating conditions/life threatening conditions/ very poor on mental health. Soon to exclude other conditions.
The high rate mobility of DLA or PIP can be paid to you OR to Motability to lease a vehicle on a three to five year contract. The car you choose will sometimes incur an ADVANCE PAYMENT, depending on the make/model/transmission. Automatics will almost always be more expensive to hire than a manual. This MAY be covered by Motability *if* they agree you have a need for a certain type of vehicle. Cars you drive from your wheelchair can now only be supplied to those who WORK. You do not get the deposit back at the end of the lease. They only lease NEW CARS on the scheme as Motability uses a block insurance policy and auctions the used vehicles. The money goes back into the charity.
The care component help to pay for daily expenses, carers etc.

Housing and Council Tax benefit – ALMOST ALWAYS paid to landlord/council – not even seen by tenant. In rare cases this is paid to the tenant to pay the landlord who WILL EVICT YOU IF YOU DON’T HAND THE LOT OVER IN FULL.

Bedroom tax is payable OUT OF THE ABOVE AMOUNTS unless you can PROVE HARDSHIP INCLUDING HANDING OVER SUPERMARKET RECEIPTS TO SHOW EXPENDITURE. If they consider that you spend too much they can refuse to help. This is called Discretionary Housing Payment, which usually covers some or all of your bedroom penalty for up to three months when you need to reapply. The money has always run out before the end of the year. You have NO MORE PROTECTION AGAINST EVICTION THAN ANYONE ELSE WHO CAN’T PAY THEIR RENT.

Foodbanks. You have to again prove you have no income – voucher from Jobcentre/council/doctor/health visitor and you hand it over for THREE DAYS’ WORTH OF TINNED AND DRIED FOODS.
You may only use this service three times over a six month period. Some Foodbanks it’s 12 months.

You DO NOT get extra money for bills, food or clothing. These must come out of the above amounts.

The BENEFITS CAP is almost always due to high rents to private landlords. This means that your rent will not get paid in full and must come out of the above benefits. If the cap means your rent will be more than your income, you will need to move away into a cheaper area away from your friends/families/kids’ schools.
These are NOT fancy properties, these are often substandard properties with extortionate rents. The landlord does not care what you pay him out of and what you have to go without as long as he gets paid.

Benefit claims used to take a matter of days to go through. Now they take months and you have no right TO ANY INCOME WHILE YOU WAIT. Yes, they CAN leave you with NO MONEY AT ALL. You can be working for 40 years, be made redundant or fall ill and you’ll be treated just the same as anyone else and wait just as long for your claim AND get the same amount as everyone else.

Carers Allowance is £62 a week. It is payable ONLY to the carer of a person receiving HIGH/MEDIUM DLA or HIGH PIP. It is taken off your total income. It is not on top of your other benefits.
So, it’s in one hand and out of the other.

ALL the above amounts also apply to Johnny Foreigner (as do sanctions and waiting times), unless he is an asylum seeker (then he gets a fiver a day or so for food until such a time when he may get citizenship. He doesn’t get a car, or a six grand girocheque. He can apply for a loan or grant for setting up a business or transport to work EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU.
Johnny ‘ILLEGAL’ Foreigner gets FUCK ALL, because he’s FUCKING ILLEGAL and HE’S FUCKING HIDING.

I’m tired. That’s most of it covered I think. Help me if you can add anything.

I cannot believe how many people think basic payments are around the £500 mark or that benefits are paid depending on how much you plead for.
But… if you believe the Mail or the Sun… or in fact this government, then you’ll believe anything.

Hope this helps some of you with an open mind.

**edited to say that various premiums are also payable depending on people who live with you and any disabilities you or they may have. These are also set amounts, but will vary the overall amounts a claimant gets.
Still nowhere near £500.

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  1. akiwifreund says:

    This is really informative for me, especially since I’m looking at this from the U.S. instead of the U.K. I hear about your system in vague terms and this really lays it all out.

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