The force is strong with this one

My partner is a massive star wars fan, as such he wants to share this with his sons, so we decided to watch Star Wars with our son (his eldest has seen it) when I say star wars I mean the original, the middle three, however you want to think of it.

I never realised how much violence there is in that film, during the worse of it, we distract or just fast forward so he doesn’t see it. But he still gets the cool stuff.

At the very beginning of episode 3, the storm troopers board the ship and my son’s reaction?

“Good work storm troopers”

“Good thinking Darth Vader”

I think we know which side he is going on

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18 Responses to The force is strong with this one

  1. Cyndel B. says:

    Hey there, I cannot seem to fins a contact page/email. Would you mind just sending an email to

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  2. BunKaryudo says:

    Oh dear, this does not bode well for the future stability of the galaxy.

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  3. FW says:

    Ha ha ha. Good one! Personally, I’ve always liked Darth Vader too.

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  4. Uh oh! I’m going to pray for that baby. LOL! Keep exposing him. He’ll get it and come over to the light. Ha ha!

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