An adventure

Were we live, is a small town, its got a high street and to be honest we don’t do much exploring, even though I am aware of lots of green places round me.

But I promised my son we would go exploring today, I had a look on google maps of green spaces, found the nearest spot, talked my partner into going for a walk in a random direction.

I am just going to stop the story to inform you I get lost easily, I could probably get lost in my own house. I am well known for taking a short cut and then having to phone someone to tell me where I am an hour later, because I am so lost. So my partner is very skeptical of going for walks unless we known exactly were we are going.

Back to the story, so we walked in the rough direction and within a mile of our house, came across a massive pond with ducks on it, this is great because I had no idea about this place and now I can take my son on a Sunday afternoon to go feed the ducks. Although my partner has made me aware I can’t feed ducks bread any more, as it is not good for them.

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6 Responses to An adventure

  1. Phil Taylor says:

    Yes, skip the bread. Ducks love Jammie dodgers

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