As this is a mental health blog

I should talk about my mental health. Nop nothing.

10 days ago I had a non day, but I am sure 99% of all people, mental health or not had one of those once but then it followed me kicking anxiety’s arse the day before.

Yep about 6 days ago anxiety hit but that is not that bad.

So its been 2 weeks with no massive highs and lows, which is putting me on course, to try and get to a month, which would be amazing.

I have mentioned it before, but I want 6 months of no massive downs and keep working on overcoming my anxiety and then if I can manage that start looking for a job. I know I am going to hit bumps but its the low lows I want to avoid and to be honest the massive highs, as much as I am not that bothered about them, they end up getting me in trouble, check this post for one of the many things.

While that is the long term goal, there is very little point focusing on that, when we still have to deal with tomorrow

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4 Responses to As this is a mental health blog

  1. Good luck overcoming anxiety. I have the same issue mixed with depression, so I know what a rough road it is…but you can do it 🙂

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