*Reblog* MAJOR AWWWW ALERT – Meet Bob (the Dog) and his (unusual) siblings…

so very cute

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An unusual family of one man’s pets – an eccentric but tight-knit group that consists of one golden retriever, one hamster, and eight birds.

31-year-old Luiz Higa of São Paulo, Brazil, tells PetaPixel that his golden retriever, Bob, is a little less than two years old. In the beginning, he just had Bob, a cockatiel and a parakeet.
“Since the beginning I put them together to see their behaviour,” he tells us. “It was nice, so I decided to have them play together during my free time.”
He then added more birds and a hamster to the group.
Higa’s photos show the group posing, playing, exploring, and resting together.


It  just couldn’t get any better than this…

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5 Responses to *Reblog* MAJOR AWWWW ALERT – Meet Bob (the Dog) and his (unusual) siblings…

  1. Thumbup says:

    Love the background color!

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  2. Ameena k.g says:

    I literally said out loud “awwwww”

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  3. Erica Herd says:

    Oh, I can’t take it, OD-ing on cuteness!

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