A thought

Sometimes a thought hits my head and it leaves just as quickly but it can create an intense emotion and sometimes the thought is so fleeting that I am not sure what it was. One of the things CBT taught me was to try and grab the thought and figure out what makes me so anxious, this aspect of CBT no longer works for me with anxiety but I thought I would try it for defining the intense emotion and this is something that hit me last night, rather than let it go I wrote it down, this is just a means for me to try and work through my head. Which is complex at the best of times, I have left it exactly as I thought it. Considering it was fast my spelling is pretty good 😉

oh my god I didn’t expect this to hit me now and there are no words going through my head right now at what a fuck you are. Why have you suddenly come into my fucking mind you fucking shit

I know you have a daughter I wonder how you would react if a man treated her the way you treated me

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