Bloody dogs

Once again I go out with my dog, once again a smaller dog, who’s owner has no control over their dog comes bounding over. The owner yelling its ok he is friendly.

Well yes your bloody dog might be, but mine is not and also if mine attacks yours then my dog is in the wrong despite the fact I have mine on a lead and keep walking away from yours.

This dog had no recall and the guy even suggested I should leave the park. Well he could fuck off my dog comes when calls, he doesn’t charge across two fucking football pitches to annoy another dog.

I find that a small dog who is possessive or who nips is “cute” rather than what it is which is poor training and regardless of whether it is a small dog or big dog its a dog with behavioural issues and its not funny.

But its ok because their dog was friendly.

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8 Responses to Bloody dogs

  1. Me says:

    I hate this, we have to deal with this all the time and I hate it so much. I’m sorry you had to go through this…I also hate the dirty looks you get when some arse of an owner lets their dog charge up to yours and repeatedly pester it, but if you call and tell them to get their dog or if your dog tells theirs to fuck off, it’s YOUR fault and they give you evils.

    I think I hear “It’s okay – s/he is friendly!” in my nightmares haha!

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    • I know that you seem to have trouble with Labs, but here it is scottish terriers. and Jack Russels and it has now got to the point were I tell the owners to get their dogs on fucking lead. Which then presents new evil looks cause I will have my 3 year old with me. But I much rather have him hear me swear than watch his best friend in a fight with another dog.


  2. Been there and so frustrating! Love your post and being straight up about the whole incident. Why the hell would you be asked to leave?!?! I would have given the middle finger to that person! XOXO

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  3. I’m with you! I hate this kind of thing and if they can’t control their dog, it should be on a lead. Why expect you to leave, when yours is well trained and theirs isn’t?? I don’t have a fence around my yard and so I walk my two dogs (they’re small, a Yorkie and a Chihuahu). My neighbor’s (two houses over from me) dog (a huge Lab) had gotten out and was in the other neighbor’s yard…so me and my dogs were in the middle of the two if you can imagine. This brilliant owner was calling her dog because she was too lazy to go and GET her dog. So this dog naturally started across MY yard to get to her own (since our yard was a straight shot across) and I was like WTF are you doing!?? And she was all, “oh it’s okay, he’s fine, he’s fine!” And I got angry with her because I said he may very well be fine, but MINE aren’t and if mine start growling and lunging on the leash (protecting their territory), even though I had them caught up pretty short on the leads, yours might take offense at that and then attack mine who are smaller and I would have no control over it. As it was, the lab did stop for a few seconds with its hair raised (showing it was getting angry) because mine were growling and I had to back up IN MY OWN YARD to keep a safe distance away. And the owner never did leave her own yard to come and get her dog. People are so stupid.

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    • People are very stupid, but you are the third person who has had a problem with labs, I always thought of them as dopey, but it seems to be a serious problem about them being trained


      • Labs are great dogs when they’re bred well, they are excellent family dogs, sensitive/kind, smart, and usually easily trained. They don’t make good guard dogs because they’re too friendly. HOWEVER, in recent years they’ve been badly bred by backyard breeders because of their popularity (who just churn out quantity not quality) and many, while they LOOK like purebred labs, are not because they’ve been mixed with other breeds and those breeds most likely don’t have the same temperament as Labs. And when dogs are mixed, you just don’t know what kind of a temperament or “quirks” of the breeds you’re going to get.

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      • This is true Max is a lab springer mix. So all we knew was that he was going to need lots of exercise and he was going to be mad and chewy


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