Rant #2

So today might be a ranty day. I live opposite a big hospital, because of this, the parking outside of my house is permit only, that I would have to pay £80 for 8 months for. Luckly I have a garage on private land so park there, but what offends me is people who park their not having paid a permit and then the driver sits there, this happened to me today.

I gave him time and then told him it was permit only and to move, he looked at me as though I was mad. I informed him he either moved or I would block him in, and wait for the traffic warden.

I have no idea if that is legal or not and to be honest, I couldn’t of done it not having a permit but it made the point and he moved.

What annoyed me more was the fact that there were 3 perfectly good parking places he could of had

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4 Responses to Rant #2

  1. You are in the right and I would’ve told him where to go park his car or where his permit was that you have.

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