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I read a post that Hugh did over at

And its sort of been playing on my mind. I get why people don’t want to do awards, it might be as simple as it doesn’t fit into the theme of the blog. They are very time consuming, while I try and get them out as fast as possible sometimes it still might take me a week. And some people just don’t have the time. Other people think they are glorified chain letters and they are

When I first started the Leibester Award was for bloggers with less than 250 followers. I know exactly why that rule faded away, not only did you have to try and find 10 people and let them know, but to find 10 bloggers that do awards with less than 250 followers doubled the time of the blog.

To me, when I first started, I was thrilled when I got my first one. I remember being so excited, I don’t think I understood what they really were. But I am still really excited everytime someone nominates me, Its not just good for my ego, but I love nominating other people to give them a little bit more exposure and to be honest for me that is exactly what they are, for me to have a bit of fun and nominate other blogs so that people can go and have a look. I am not sure if I am going to become blog free at the moment I doubt it, but if I have millions of followers it might make sense.

When I nominate someone I try and pick someone that I haven’t chosen in a while, and I try and stick with someone with less than a 1000 followers, to me that seems to be the cut off point for a lot of bloggers. If someone does have more than a 1000 followers I will only choose them if I know they definitly still accept them, so there a few exceptions.

So my questions to you. Do you still do awards? How do you pick your nominations? Do you pick the same people or do you choose randomly? Is there anything that annoys you about the awards?

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31 Responses to Blogging awards

  1. Ameena k.g says:

    I never really did awards because it was time consuming, although I still felt excited when nominated. I make it a point now to thank the nominee for taking the time to choose me. And if the questions are intriguing, I accept the award. ☺

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  2. rosieeek says:

    As my blog grows I’ve found them to be a little harder to do, but I also really like being able to link back to the blogs I enjoy. I usually go through my recent notifications and see who I’ve interacted with a lot recently. For now I’ll keep doing them, but I do get why people opt out 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the mention about my recent post (although the pingback did not work).

    These awards are great for new bloggers and I certainly found that they helped me build a blogging community and gained me many new followers. However, once my blog became more established they began to loose their appeal and their sparkle and they seemed more like hard work than fun. I’ve now gone ‘award free’ and I do advertise it as I want people to give someone else a chance rather than nominate me who no longer accepts them. My only wish is that I really do think they should only apply to blogs which have a following of 250 or less. That’s where they do their work best and bloggers can reap the benefits.

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  4. ravenwing72 says:

    I have only ever had two awards in all the time I’ve been blogging. I was honoured to get both of them and would definitely do more if they were sent my way. I love the fact that one person out there on the Internet thought enough of my opinion to give me an award. That means a hell of a lot. As to how I choose people to send my nominations too, I try to follow the guidelines laid down in the award.

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  5. Thumbup says:

    I stopped because I ran out of things about myself!

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  6. luckyotter says:

    I’m one of those bloggers who stopped accepting awards because of how time consuming they are. It was still a great honor though when someone wanted to give me one, but I didn’t accept all of them, and to avoid anyone’s feelings being hurt, I had to stop accepting any. But when I did participate, I’d also try to pick blogs I hadn’t ever picked before for an award. This wasn’t always possible, but I did attempt it. I remember being a new blogger and how blown away I was when presented with my first award (Leibster). It felt great to pay it forward and make another new blogger’s day.

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    • I think someone else said that as soon as it stops being fun and becomes a chore thats when its time to stop. And I think it was in Hugh’s post were he said someone was really offended that he didn’t take awards. And I agree I try and pick new bloggers, its not always possible


  7. I was very excited the first time I got an award. It was unexpected and I was flattered. But I stopped accepting awards after receiving about 9 or 10 of them (even though I am far from 1000 followers). They were taking up way too much time and space, I was running out of things to say about myself, running out of ideas for questions for others… and I wasn’t sure how they fit in on my blog.

    That said, I do appreciate it so much when someone nominates me. I’m touched that anyone enjoys my blog enough to think of me. I’d hate for another blogger to feel offended that I don;t accept, but I am so focused on writing (and job hunting – yuck) that I don’t have time…

    Since my biggest issue with the awards was nominating other blogs, I did wonder if sometimes I’d be nominated just because someone couldn’t think of anyone else… hahaha! It’s still a compliment, though. I always had trouble coming up with blogs to nominate. It’s not that there aren’t great blogs out there and I have lots that I follow and love. But I found that I was nominating the same ones all the time because I hadn’t had time to explore new ones (at least new to me). And I found that many didn’t accept the awards anyway.

    Also, I began to feel bad nominating people because I felt like I was giving them an assignment… giving them work to do… that they may or may not want to do and I didn’t want to put them in an uncomfortable position (if it made them uncomfortable to decline).

    So for a while, I was still “accepting” awards, kind of, but breaking the rules. I’d thank and link the blogger who nominated me and I’d answer the questions, but I stopped nominating anyone… or I told anyone who read the post to go ahead and consider themselves nominated!

    And that’s my long comment on awards. 🙂 Hahaha!

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  8. Cheyanne says:

    I appreciate it whenever someone links to my blog be it for an award, a tag, a challenge, what have you. Usually a few pile up before I’m able to respond to them (I can barely keep my content current as is) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate it. I usually click on the links of other bloggers nominated as well because I think it’s important to support other bloggers. I think that might be how I found your blog in the first place!

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