*Reblog* Blogging Tips, Advice and Blog Strategies – 1/28/16

Some really great tips here, make sure you check them out

Dream Big, Dream Often

Respond in a timely manner.

As I have mentioned I try to spend a few hours every day reading and networking in the blogosphere.  During my reading sessions I will comment when warranted in anticipation of a great conversation.  And then crickets!  7 days later (or longer!) I receive a response from said blogger, but by that time I have read so much other stuff that I really don’t recall what the comment was about; nor do I care any longer.  This scenario happens often.  Be the blogger that pays attention to your house.  If you don’t care enough about your blog to respond to someone in a timely manner, then I don’t care either.  And neither will the rest of the community.  Responding a week later is not responding in a timely manner, imho.   People respond when you respond back immediately.  My personal rule is to respond within…

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