*Reblog* To Click or Not to Click: Why Don’t People Click Links?

AN interesting post from Danny pop over and tell him what you think

Dream Big, Dream Often

What does it take to get people to click a link?  And why is this the toughest feat in all of the blogosphere?  I was discussing this a couple of days ago with another blogger and I can’t get my head around it.

I don’t always click every link, but I click links habitually as I like to read background information or supporting documents.  I talked about this phenomenon several months ago when talking about reblogs and upset many of you with my title.  I questioned whether the blogging community is hypocritical or at minimum selfish.  Why would I ask such a question?

13 credit: countdowntozerotime.org

As bloggers we want visitors, views, clicks, and likes, regardless of the volume. Every blogger starts a blog in hopes that at least one other person on the interweb visits; if this were not the case we would not do what we do.  It is…

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