One of the first I am dreading as a parent

My sister is going away for a month for work and she is taking my son out before she goes. So on Thursday she is taking him out for the day and he is going to spend the night and she is bringing him back Friday, yep that would be for a whole night. This would be the first time I have been away from my son overnight.

I am shitting bricks, not because my sister would do anything wrong. Trust me if she did something my son didn’t like he is not shy about telling people. I know she will protect him the same way I would. In some ways probably better because I know him and his limitations.

I know all the good things that people say, imagine the break, I think, I can only name 2 times when he has been babysat by family (this is due to me not them) obviously I have had times when his daddy has taken him out, plus we have nursery, so I am use to not having him round 24/7

But come on its a whole night. Without him. Yes I know what you are thinking imagine the quality time you get with your partner. You know what this means. I may have to talk to him, *sigh* 😉

So how did any of you deal with the first night away? How old was yours?

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43 Responses to One of the first I am dreading as a parent

  1. Thumbup says:

    Got no kids so I have no idea.

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  2. We now have a month without the kids, as they go to camp every summer, and have for the past four years. (It is SO awesome! It’s like dating again!) But our first night without them was about 8 years ago – my youngest was two and the oldest was five. We went out of town for my birthday and left grandma in charge. Was fabulous. But until they went to camp, that was the only time, as my husband travels a LOT for work. But we have the month every summer, so no complaints.

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  3. honestme363 says:

    She was just over two when she spent the first night at grandma’s house. I stayed up well past midnight hoping I would get a call to come and pick her up. It was good, for both of us. 😊

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  4. stephleo says:

    My oldest was a little over 1 when she spent the first night away. But she stayed with my parents at their house and my mother kept her there every day while I worked so it wasn’t a big transition. My middle daughter was 5 months the first time and the baby was 5 weeks. I was not expecting to be away from my infant so soon, but my 14 year old had to be hospitalized for several nights due to a collapsed lung and then had lung surgery. A little stressful and I couldn’t see the other two girls for several days due to being in the hospital. Its always stressful leaving them for the first time, and for many times after. However, it is good for you both to have a break : )

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  5. I promise you, you will adjust easily. Imagine, adult conversation without interruptions!

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  6. Tikeetha T says:

    My son spent the night with my sister at 3 months. She had kids 10 years before me so I was only comfortable with her and my mom.

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  7. If you’re worried remember those of us as parents have had far too many firsts for our kids : the first school suspension, the first drug use, the first arrest, the first drug rehab, the first divorce, the first abortion, the first serious fight…May only the best things in life come your child’s way.

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