Lifestyle Links Part 8

Please go and visit and say hello. As always, I shall be posting this list daily, but at different times, for a week, Please let me know if you want to be included in the lifestyle links. I am coming to the end of it now and will be moving on to a different category. Also if you don’t feel like you should be on this list then please give me a shout. You can put it in the comments or email me at

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11 Responses to Lifestyle Links Part 8

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    This is a great way of promoting community and spreading the blog love. I really appreciate when bloggers take the time to share links like this because it is a selfless act and takes time and effort to do. Awesome stuff! -OM
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  2. Tessa says:

    You can add my blog if you think it suitable:

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  4. lorieb says:

    put me wherever you think I belong LOL

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