What a Hunt

For those of you in the UK you are probably well aware of the junior doctor’s strike I am not 100% why they are striking I know it has to do with their premium hours being cut down to normal and I don’t 100% agree with them, I feel like the army, the emergency services should not be allowed to strike.

Having said that, however our MP for health Jeremy Hunt (I can give you three guesses what people are calling him at the moment) is blaming the union, the union is blaming Jeremy Hunt. The interesting thing is they are probably both to blame. The Tory party is selling off the NHS bit by bit and its the junior doctor’s who are in the middle.

The NHS gets the blame for long waiting times and people left out in corridors when in fact 99% this is due to the private companies.

Our junior doctors can work anything up to 91 hours a week, and it can burn them out quickly and this is why we lose so many.

Yet Jeremy Hunt insists this is not his fault, well its his party who are threatening to cut their pay. People like doctors should be paid a fair wack for what they do, ultimately its unlikely to be a plumber who performs emergency surgery on me if I am in a car crash. And I don’t want a tired doctor doing that either, it would be a bit like my son doing it.

Added to this the idiot (Jeremy Hunt) has stated that parents could save time by searching online to determine the severity of their children’s rash.

I don’t know about anyone else but everytime my partner (male) uses the internet Dr Google insists he is pregnant.

So there we have it. The best bit of all this I have found, while doing research I discovered Jeremy Cunt Hunt is the MP for the constituency next door to me. So not only do I have the destroyer of the NHS next door, my MP is the destroyer of the education system.


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42 Responses to What a Hunt

  1. Simon says:

    You’re surrounded by good people then.
    Tbh, I hear you and agree and disagree. I wouldn’t put it all firmly in the tory corner. The labour twats have a lot to answer for too. The governments should let some doctors and nurses run the nhs and just pay the fucking bill

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