*Reblog* After 82 Years A Mother and Daughter Finally Reunite

An Amazing story

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Betty Morrell, 82, arrived at Greater Binghamton Airport on Jan. 15, eager to see her mother. As she waved across the airport, her 96-year-old mother Lena Pierce began to cry. It was the first time Morrell had seen her mother in 82 years.

Morrell told ABC News;

“It was like the beginning of my life,”

She had been searching for her biological mother for 50 years.

Pierce gave birth to Morrell in a Utica, New York, hospital on Feb. 11, 1933, when she was only 13 years old. Pierce named her daughter Eva May. The State of New York took Eva May away from Pierce after six months, due to Pierce’s status as a ward of the state.

Eva May was then adopted by a family in Long Island and grew up as Betty Morrell. While she had cousins and relatives, Morrell was an only child and always “wanted a…

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