And breathe

Yesterday was the day my son was due to go to my sister’s for the day and then have his first sleepover. This would be his first time away from us properly since he was born, I think the only other time was when we went to a wedding and my Dad babysat for the day but we picked him up late on in the evening. So along with that I also had my normal anxiety. But here is how the day went

Been up since 5am as he is so excited.

8.30am The anxiety has kicked in, not just about the distance I have to go but also the fact I am not going to see him for over 24 hours

8.50 A man came round to read our meters this does not help my anxiety

9.30 Off we go, its an hour drive and he keeps asking if we are there yet.

11am got stuck in traffic but we are here, my sister has got arts and crafts for him to do. We made a boat.

pirate ship

I cried

My son’s fav toy Mr Bunny was looking unwell

bunny not fixed

So he went to hospital and got better, who knew doctor’s could fix arms

bunny fixed

I cried a bit more. And then it was time for me to leave. I would like to impress upon you how upset my son was, when my sister had to force him to the door to wave me off and last words to me were. Bye mummy come on auntie J we need to go and do arts and crafts.

glitter hand

They then headed into London. Where they went to see Shrek.

cannon (can use on blog)

You can tell he is having a horrible time 😉


And really missing me 😉

My sister then took him for dinner with my other sister, her two boys and my mum. Fun looked like it was had. Then back to her’s straight to sleep. until 2am when he woke up and did an escape act and found my sister’s husband still awake in the lounge to have a conversation with 😉

This morning she drove him to nursery and my partner went to pick him up, I would love to say he rushed into the house and gave me the biggest hug and told me how much he missed me, but what actually happened was he dashed into the house to his new toy and gave Mr Bunny the biggest hug in the world.

I bet you are wondering what myself and my partner did with our first child free day in almost four years. It was a quiet one.

But everyone did miss him

cats missing matt

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  1. DaisyWillows says:


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  2. honestme363 says:

    I’m happy that you two seemed to enjoy your evening. I know how weird it might have felt being alone, together. Looks like he had a great time with auntie too. That helps. Xo enjoy your weekend!

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