Order, come to order

Those words are all I hear John Bercow yell, for those who are not familiar with that name, John Bercow is the speaker for the House of Commons.

I have doubled to check to see what else he does but that seems to be it. He does seem to have a constituency, but in a time when his party is yelling about austerity, tightening our belts, spending tax payers money on candles seems to be taking the piss slightly and I am not talking about a fiver nearly £2000, on flipping candles. They better have been able to light themselves.

That £2000 was the same amount of money they spent on a retirement party. The stripper better have been good.

Not only that to rub salt into the wound, he also spent £1,954 on a meal with his Australian counterpart. What the hell were they eating? That dinner better have been covered in red Iranian saffron, main better have been Japanese Wagyu Beef, hopefully they were drinking Kopi Luwak or Diva Vodka and I hope there was some damn truffle.

I think what is worse than all of this is the fact that to get this information people had to go through the freedom of information act. This is public funds, our politicians should be open, we should be able to go through what they are spending our money on without having to go through an act. And not only that they have destroyed all previous records from 2012, yet they knew what they spent in 2009-2010, well that is not dodgy at all.

The expense scandal destroyed the public’s trust in our MP’s  and this is just more reason for us to wonder why we are being forced into tightening our belts, the poorest in society are having more and more stripped away but its ok to spend £2000 on candles, MP’s needs to wake up and start doing what they are preaching.

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7 Responses to Order, come to order

  1. Politicians suck! That is all.

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  2. itsathought2 says:

    Money – the source of all politicians. They love it, they take it from whomever will give it to them and they spend it on themselves first and their country last.

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