Doctor Who

I was having a chat with Ambi about Doctor Who and who is the best doctor. For those that don’t know Doctor Who is a BBC Sci Fi programme about an alien, who’s race is called the timelords, he is the last of his kind and he has a space ship called a TARDIS, which is a time machine, basically its all about going through time and space. Normally he has a companion.

Anyway I am a massive fan and I have been very lucky to go on set and also to get autographs, it does help that I have a family member who works in TV and actually worked on the show for a little while, anyway while chatting with Ambi, I realised I had a signed photo of Matt Smith, that I said I would share. Do you think I can find it anywhere? Nop, its not where I thought it was, so instead, I photographed this one

doctor who

Yep, that is David Tennant, Catherine Tate, John Barrowman and I think Billy Piper.


Ambi I will keep looking for my Matt smith one, its not framed, like this one, so I probably have put it somewhere safe

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8 Responses to Doctor Who

  1. Annabeth says:

    I think my favorite Doctors are Matt Smith and David Tennant (I know they’re like the most popular), but I can’t choose. xP

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  2. everydaylifeandtruths says:

    I love doctor who!!

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  3. David Tennant…… he’s the best! Also, jealous you’ve been on set!!

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