I am a little behind on this one, but it was brought to my attention that at last weeks PM that neither the Prime Minister (David Cameron) or the Leader of the Opposition (Jeremy Corbyn) mentioned the doctor’s strike.

Now I know why David Cameron would want to avoid this subject at all costs but Jeremy Corbyn? Why would he waste an opportunity to question what the hell is going on?

This makes no sense to me.

The other thing I was pondering is Jeremy Hunt wrote a book on how to privatise the NHS.  I am curious as to why so many people are surprised that is exactly what he is doing.

While I was liking Jeremy Corbyn him not saying a word about our junior doctors, the ones that most the public seem to support, seems a bit cowardly. He is meant to be for the people, and the people think our junior doctors should get paid a greater hourly rate than someone who works in a supermarket.

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7 Responses to PMQ

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Because he’s not, he is about … you know when a toddler is not being appreciated… mums busy baby to feed house to clean etc… toddler is quiet, seems occupied, so mum does a bit more, washing or sewing or god forbid eating, at that point toddler (Corbyn) realises he’s not in the limelight so throws a huge unpredicted tantram. It’s known as posturing once over four!

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  2. Well put Ellen, Corbyn doesn’t seem to understand what Leader of the Opposition is all about. He’s going to doom us all to Cameron’s Right policies until 2025 or beyond. This government may have a majority but that doesn’t mean the opposition can’t keep them in check.

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