The update

Today started off as a pretty awful day, I slept, and with a 3 year old in the house that is pretty impressive.

Then at about 4pm something clicked in my brain.

Before I go through that, while depression is an awful experience and an horrendous way to live a life and one that I would not wish on anyone, this bout has been interesting when I look at it, yes I have been spiralling down into darkness, but part of my brain has known this and its like the logical part of my brain is going nop, not doing this again.

Of course it is a very quiet voice in a mind full of angry and depressive voices yelling, but its still there.

Anyway at about 4pm, I forced myself up and dressed and with my son and my partner we walked the dog. If you are thinking why is this so impressive, its because going from not wanting to move out of bed to getting dressed and going out is an achievment and all achievments should be celebrated no matter how small

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28 Responses to The update

  1. Elizabeth Helmich says:

    Some days that is the very best thing to do – congrats!

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  2. Simon says:

    Well done you. I can’t imagine how it feels, I had a rant to myself about work in the way home. I got negative. I guess it’s like that but it consumes you?

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  3. theambivert123 says:

    Well done ☺ that’s a great achievement, just remember that you have to do things step by step, with determination that I know you have, you’ll pull through ☺ xx

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  4. Ask Me says:

    I’m stuck on the first few sentences. You got to sleep? I’m jealous. lol

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  5. Ask Me says:

    I’m glad you got up and moving around. Maybe things will get better since spring is around the corner. The winter months are depressing for me. I can’t stand cold weather.

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  6. Annabeth says:

    My bed seems too comfy when it’s time to get up. Great achievement, it’s the toughest among tough to get out of bed. πŸ˜‚

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