EU Referendum Part 2

Having done a bit of research. I am now saying  its no clearer in my head.

I know its only just starting but what I have gotten is the people who want to remain in are saying we don’t know what leaving would do we will lose jobs.

The people who want to leave are saying we will be able to control our laws better.

As much as I dislike the conservative party, the one thing that I did like was the fact they seemed together on their policies, where as its a free for all in the labour party. This has come out and it has split the party, if our own politicians can’t agree than how are we meant to make a decision.

Basically, no one has a clue, no one knows the future and it feels me with dread that people like this

spell check a racist

are choosing what we as a country are going to do

(Image from spell check a racist page on facebook)

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17 Responses to EU Referendum Part 2

  1. We have just as much craziness and ignorance over here in the USA.

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  2. I like that it’s a free vote, creates sensible discussion. If they were whipped into following a party line then we’d have something to complain about. As for Trump in the US … Well I have no idea.

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  3. Be careful what you call racist. If Vivienne is talking about the Syrians, that can’t be called racism cuz them folks is white! Ethnocentrist, maybe, but not racist.
    If she meant some other group of people, please forgive my ignorance.

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