I wanted to make one thing clear as a person living on benefits. Yep my beloved tory friends, you know someone who is on benefits.

When we found out I was pregnant, it was very much a choice of do I really want a baby. I never wanted children, but I was also against abortion for myself, dont get me wrong I have had an abortion and while I feel sad, at the time, it was the right move. I struggle with my son on some days, but I have a supportive partner now and I honestly believe that if I had had a child then, that child would be in care.

We looked into me working full time but childcare would of cost a lot. I believed I figured out I would be earning £1.27 an hour, after taking off tax, NI and childcare, that would allow my partners wage to pay for everything else, and there was no way. We came up with a solution me working nights and my parter working days.

There were the odd days we needed help, but thank god we had friends and family. Some families don’t have this.

But then there came a day when my head went nope, not going out today, and then the depression sunk in, we used all our savings in the hope I was going to get better, and that has not happened even now.

We do get benefits, but we have to make choices, our rent is always paid first, first of all my landlady, doesn’t own billions of properies, this is it, and she lives off the rent, there is no way I am screwing a little old lady. 2nd if she did evict us because we didn’t pay, the council wouldn’t home us due to being intentially homeless.

Next comes TV license, if you haven’t a child, then you won’t get this but cbeebies is a must, council tax and contents insurance is the next thing. Food, a growing child will not understand not having any money for bananas.

Then the fight starts between gas, electric and water. Who gets what. Its not an easy battle. We are managing cause I can juggle, but the thing is, as much as I hate to blame my mental health, my partner has had to take my debit card, due to my lack of control at certain points.

Controlling maybe, but to stop having his family evicited its worth it.

Yes we have pets, we got these when I was stable, but its not like we can get rid of them when the going gets tough, it would be like getting rid of our son cause we can’t afford him.

Of course people screw the system. Find me a system that has not been screwed, but for most counting the pennies is the difference between paying the electric bill and paying the gas bill.

Before you judge, lots of people rely on money from the government, hard working people. In Britain, most of the welfare bill is spent on paying out to OAP’s so before making a judgement on the people on benefits consider shooting the little old lady next door


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  1. Sheila Moss says:

    It’s okay to get help. That’s what it’s for, people who are doing the best they can but unable to quite do it on their own. I don’t have much respect for anyone who would deny help to those who need it. Sometime people believe that because they can make it, others should be able to also. But circumstances can be different. We should all be thankful if we are doing well and grateful there is a system in place in case we ever need it. I know you hope that things will turn around for your family. No one wants to be dependent on government assistance, but sometimes there is no choice. Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck, and God bless.

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  2. Simon says:

    It’s you realise the importance of the choices tot have to make when you live on benefits. It can’t be easy.

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  3. any1mark66 says:

    Good luck to you and your family. If you need help and it’s accessible, that’s a good thing. Get past depression is hard on most people. Getting past yourself is infinitely harder.

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  4. mandibelle16 says:

    I’m sorry your situation is so difficult financially and hope that you will start to feel better from your depression. I have a depressive illness with chronic fatigue for over 8-years now and I haven’t been able to work. I’m lucky to be able to live at my Mom and Dad’s and have enough money from disability and a couple other sources of small income. It makes me sad there are no other sources for you, especially extra benefits because you have a child. I hope things become easier on your family and that you won’t have to struggle so much. Prayers, Amanda

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  5. Sometimes people need some help. There is nothing wrong with that. I was on aide for a while when my son was young. I know some people misuse the system but I think for the most part people don’t. If you need it there is nothing wrong with taking it.

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  6. itsathought2 says:

    The reality is that most people who receive some form or welfare are using it to the best of their ability and are in the circumstances that the benefit was designed for.

    Politicians and News Media try to make one story of abuse represent a whole reality. But its not the reality.

    I wish the Media and politicians got as much bank off telling the stories of how much benefit is provides, how needful it is.

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    • So agree with this, the Media do a great job in telling lots of people that ms smith lives in a 12 bedroom house with her 16 children, and the government pays her 1 million pounds a year. Those sort of stories are the annoying ones. Tell the stories of the working people going cap in hand to food banks

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  7. oneta hayes says:

    A well-written post. Thanks for telling your story. Most people want to help those who need it. The abuse of the system makes it hard for everyone – in and out of the system. When people abuse the system, it makes more hardship for those who are in need as well as those who are contributing financially.

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  8. DaisyWillows says:

    TORY SCUM! People get ill mentally and physically and we also get better. We can also become unwell again and get better again. Stop advertsing part time jobs or jobs that won’t cover the rent, council tax, gas, electricity,T.V. license (someone told me that blind people only have to pay 50% T.V.licence) phone top ups, food for the family inc cat/dog, food, clothes for a growing child. World book day, buy a book day, ballet and tap fees. Not all people on benefits are rowdy drunks/addicts who are still partying in their 30/40/50/60’s. It is easy to get caught up in that whole negative lifestyle -I have found since I have been working on my self I don’t need to buy stuff to abuse. I hold up my hands- I’ve done a lot of damage to myself over the years. I was unwell and soemtimes unwell people make bad decisions. If someone gave me a job with a salary that would pay all my rent and bills etc.. Show me the dotted line. I have my pen ready.

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    • I think a lot more is going to come out with regards to the work that is offered to the unemployed. Also I think that a lot more disabled people are going to die before its sorted. Not all Tory are scum though, but David Cameron and his merry band of men scare me


  9. Thank you for sharing something that many don’t understand! My partner and I are in your shoes. We have a 13 year old son (teenagers eat a ton of food lol). I am on disability at 35 and get looks all the time. Until you walk in my shoes then you have no say is the way I feel. I hate the disconnect notices and I feel you on the pay day loans here in the US. It’s a never ending roller coaster it seems. We must stay strong. I’m your friend and no you will never be judged by me. Much love. XOXO-Jen

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  10. New Journey says:

    That’s why there are benefits…for those who need them, so don’t feel like you don’t deserve….your doing the best with what you have…and of course your not going to give your animals away…they are your family….hang in there…I believe things will turn around for you…just takes time….kat

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