A bit behind

With this damn cold, it has knocked me out flat. Plus I suddenly realised that it was a leap year (more on this later) and I am going to be a year old. I had to make a decision between just coping with my son and blogging.

Now while most people would go with the blogging, my son had other ideas, we had a really nice moment, the other day, when I was lying on the sofa being pathetic and my son came and snuggled with me. 2 hours later, I woke up, to find him still with me fast asleep. As he gets older, these moments are becoming rarer.

Now leap year. Only an idiot or a genius, would decide to get married on the 29th Feb. Yep that would be me. In 2008, I got married. I am serious when I say it was the best wedding I have ever been to, but it didn’t last, and every four years I get reminded. Plus side to this its only once every four years. The marriage didn’t make it to the first anniversary, but we live and learn.


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26 Responses to A bit behind

  1. Simon says:

    At least you learn. I think I’m going down with a cold… how’s things apart from that?

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  2. At least, it only comes around every four years. :o)

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  3. That we do but Life is good!

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  4. Thankfully you remember it only every four years and you’ve made long strides since then.

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