I have been hearing in the news and various other places about how bad claims for ESA and PIP are going, those that have phyiscal disabilities are fighting tooth and nail to try and get something.

And then are still being rejected on appeal and so having to take it to higher matters. And its costing them and the DLA thousands of pounds.

This had gotten my anxiety up, because I have an invisable disability, if people who can turn around and say I am in a flipping wheel chair, I am disabled are having to fight what chance do I have?

And then the post arrived, yep DLA want to do a review, this has sent me into a panic, I have anxiety already this is not helping.

But then I look at it from the other point of view, they can’t just leave me alone, they do need to check on people from time to time.

I am better than I was last year, do I think I am capable of holding down a job, certainly not in my field (retail and pubs) I panic when there is more than 5 people in the same place as me. I still have panic attacks picking my son up. But it does leave me very restricted. On top of that I would have to have a flexiable job, incase my depression hits and moving out of bed becomes impossible and what if I go maniac, I am not going to want to go into work, I am going to want to do something else.

Would a job understand all of this, my goal is still to be in a job next year, but I have a lot of work to do before then, so that I control my disability not allow it to control me

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