I am such a bad loser

My 3, almost 4 (as though this makes it better) trounced me today at dominos, snap, pairs and a memory game.

I am no longer talking to him 😉

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11 Responses to I am such a bad loser

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    It’s okay to talk — just don’t play any more games with him.

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  2. Cally says:

    I loved the day when l didn’t have to try to not win. I now play chess and l have to really think about my moves. There are lots of other things you might still do better like running faster,but if not remember you are not the only one, my eldest is taller and faster than me. Big hugs 🤗 Take care Cally.

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  3. My granddaughter beat me at checkers three times and she told me how to jump her several times. She just couldn’t watch her grandmother get beat so badly .

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  4. New Journey says:

    I have a niece that is the same way…she never looses and is so competitive at everything…LOL

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