The problem with being a cat owner

Gizmo comes in looking pleased with himself and a mouse in his mouth. I yell which brings Sheldon down. So I now have two cats and a mouse running round my lounge.

Sheldon is faster and manages to get hold of the mouse, dashes out the lounge and out the cat flap, closely followed by Gizmo.

Five minutes later Gizmo dives through the cat flap with the mouse in his mouth, at this stage I am not sure if the mouse is still alive. Sheldon dashes in 20 seconds later.

Sheldon then runs out of the cat flap with the mouse. While I try and grab Gizmo to stop him from following. I failed.

20 minutes later, in comes Sheldon looking a tad upset, about 2 minutes later Gizmo shows up.

Judging by how they were hunting round the living room, I am guessing the mouse escaped while they were fighting for it.

Mouse 1 cats 0

Talk about Tom and Jerry

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13 Responses to The problem with being a cat owner

  1. trE says:

    That mouse has no chance later. LOL. His days are definitely numbered.

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  2. We laughed at our cat stalking the birds – till she came in the catflap – backwards – dragging a big fat pigeon behind her 😁 cats – you gotta love em 😁

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  3. any1mark66 says:

    My oldest girl was caught nose to nose with a mouse last spring. She will stalk them outside, but apparently this was a friend. I caught him with a bucket and threw it out

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  4. Cats will be cats, and that is that (and a fact.)🐈

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