the ESA reform

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From Sue Jones (Facebook):

“You know how people claiming ESA who were placed in the support group were deemed incapable of work, and unlikely to be able to work again? Well now a tory think tank thinks that support rate ESA should also be scrapped. They also think that “conditionality” should be applied to people in this group with the “mildest conditions”. People in the support group do not have “mild conditions”. The state has already decided these people cannot work. The Reform think tank report has been presented to parliament to support ESA cuts. They propose:

1. A single out-of-work allowance should be established, removing all out-of-work disability-related premiums.

2. Time-limited transitional protection should be provided for current Employment and Support Allowance support group claimants

3. The savings from moving to a single out-of-work allowance should be reinvested into increased rates for Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment…

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