Arts and Crafts

Despite the chaos that goes on in my head, the one thing both myself and my partner try and do is keep order in our son’s life, we try and make it fun and we try to shield him as much as possible from my mental health.

Of course he is going to figure out mummy is different at some stage, and at some point I will try and explain it, but in the meantime, we try and have some structure in our lives, and part of that is to try and have technology free time, so computers, laptops, tvs go off and we spend some time doing whatever he wants (within reason, he tried to demand to go to Paris a few days ago)

But this weekend, he wanted to build a plastic rocket. Unfortunatly I am one of those people who does not do arts and crafts, stickmen are about as good as it gets. I was thrilled when I managed to do a paper airplane once. Its just not for me, however explaining that to a 3 year old is difficult, but with the added advantage that even if it is shit, he will love it.

So we built a rocket


I am actually quite proud of it. You can now all praise my talent 😉 (my son did the drawings)

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7 Responses to Arts and Crafts

  1. Simon says:

    Thats so cool! Well done you two!!

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