*Reblog* Sharing half a birthday cake! (Yep: Me/Cake/Sharing!)

A great blogger celebrated her six month blogging, with a lovely rhyme thanking all the people who have supported her

Rhyming with Wine...

So Rhyming with Wine is a whole 6 months old!

Which is quite a blog milestone, or so I’ve been told?

It started, back when I was first known as Mum.

Feeling quite dazed, and still mourning my tum!

When feeling “Mumprisoned”, and snooping around,

A number of fabulous bloggers were found…

And so in the dark of each lonely night feed,

I’d search for new posts and devour them with greed,

I’d desperately seek a Hurrah for Gin fix,

And snort with delight at her family of “sticks”!

Brummy Mummy of 2 and her love of “The Bloom…

I could praise all day long if I just had the room!

And after a while I just thought “What the hell?”

I might as well give it a bash then as well!

And now six months on I adore what I do,

So this is a “Thanks!” As…

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4 Responses to *Reblog* Sharing half a birthday cake! (Yep: Me/Cake/Sharing!)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m saving the best bit of cake (with all the icing on) just for you! X

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