*Reblog* An Open Letter To The BBC – #EurovisionYouDecide

This is so many ways, if we are not going to be serious about then lets back out and spend the money on making more doctor who’s (I know it doesn’t work exactly like that)

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Dear BBC,

Last night you asked the people of the United Kingdon to choose the song that will represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. You spend vast amounts of the money that the people of the United Kingdom pay you by purchasing an annual T.V licence, yet you decide to televise last night’s show on BBC4! Why?

If you are going to take the Eurovision Song Contest seriously, shouldn’t you be televising the chance for viewers in the UK to choose their song on BBC1 or, at the very least, on BBC2? Why do you choose to broadcast the show on a channel that lays deep within your vaults and which many will probably never have watched?

Why did you choose not to advertise last night’s event very much and to not have given it the attention it deserves when you spend so much money on it? Why…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Trina, and for supporting my corse to give the BBC a good kick up the…😀

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