*Reblog* Reactive dogs deserve walks too!

Could not of put it better myself

A blog on dogs

I was on facebook recently and someone I am friends with but don’t know particularly well posted a status similar to this:

“Who is the irresponsible owner here?
1) The owner who has their dogs off lead and knows they won’t hurt anyone or anything
2) The owner who brings an aggressive dog to an area known for dog walking and where there are lots of dogs being walked off lead”

Now my answer should probably have been “maybe both – but really the first owner”, but I am sick and tired off the “it’s okay, they’re friendly!” dog owners, so instead I replied:

Dogs that don’t like other dogs still need walks and have just as much of a right to go to nice places and not have other dogs run over and bother them – it’s the owners’ job to call “get your dog please!” and then…

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