Scheduled post

As I write this its 5.25am I have been trying to sleep for over an hour and have now given up on it for the day.

So the plan is to stay up till about 5pm and then head to bed, and hopefully sleep the night.

So if you see me on wordpress, facebook, twitter, tell me to go to bed

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17 Responses to Scheduled post

  1. Go to bed! 🙂

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  2. Phil Taylor says:

    Good luck! I’m on the opposite end of the sleep spectrum. I’m usually up before you go to bed. I’ll look for some good early morning posts from you.

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  4. betunada says:

    kNOT wRECkOMENDiD but i slept reel good las nite. ==> 2 beers just after work (i tried a new beer, from BeerWerx from Arvada, an Irish Stout which SOUNDED good (what does beer sound like?) but it wasn’t, so i had two. then since it’s march and irish whiskey is ON SALE everywhere i had some. then some more. then a little more as i went to hockey. only two beers at, during, and after hockey. then whiskey when i got home. so i slept purdy gÜd.

    but, azz sum-wun said, “It’s good to be … (sometimes)”

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