On this day

20 years ago today. Thomas Hamilton walked into Dunblane Primary School and started shooting.

He injured 32 people, killing 16 people 1 teacher and 15 children, before shooting himself.

It was the deadliest mass murders in the UK. And brought shockwaves all over the country.

His actions changed guns laws, here in the UK.

My thoughts are with all the families

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15 Responses to On this day

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    I wish gun laws could be changed here in the USA but our constitution makes it hard as well as those who lobby on behalf of gun laws.

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    • I don’t understand how the USA can have so many shootings and not think to change the law. I am not saying ban guns, which is basically what we did, but tighter control, would work as well. If you need a licence to drive a car, why wouldn’t you need one to buy a gun


      • Tony Burgess says:

        There is a huge guns rights organization that won’t let it happen. There is paranoia that someone will take guns away from people. There are too many guns on the streets and that is not good.

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      • And I find that really weird. A simple license might save lives. Although if someone really wants to go and shoot people, they will find a way. We still have shootings here in the UK but nothing compared to what happens in the States.

        Although it might be interesting to compare knife crime, without guns, criminals have had to come up with some new things, knives being one of them


  2. Simon says:

    Well said. Its a shame in this daddy and age that guns are still so easily available. Though of course not so much here.

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  3. God give peace to the depleted souls.

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