Things my son said (or does)

My son: Naughty bricks falling over, time out. (Promptly puts all his bricks into a time out of the stairs)

“mummy I want to watch this, with the woman on holiday with the crocodile” As he walks in with Lake Placid 2

and my personal fav

“mummy I love you more than the sun but not more than chocolate”

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7 Responses to Things my son said (or does)

  1. trE says:

    I mean, it’s chocolate! LOL… Aww, how cute!

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  2. Miriam says:

    Ah, a kid after my own heart.

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  3. A Kinder Way says:

    Sounds like a fantastic kid!

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  4. Such a sweet kid, can’t complain about the chocolate though after all he eats that! 😄

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